Athlete Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Our strength and conditioning coaching services provide appropriate physical preparation with exercise prescription specifically for enhancing athlete performance.

Strength and Conditioning is a critical part of athletic development, whether competing at the highest level or recreation. An athlete that participates in a strength and conditioning program will gain improvements in the following physical qualities strength, power, speed, endurance, stability and flexibility.

Athlete Strength and Conditioning Coaching Elements

Assessment & Monitoring

Before commencing a strength and conditioning coaching program, assessments are carried out on the athlete's physical abilities. The assessments determine the athlete's strength, weakness and structural abnormalities that impact sports performance. The strength and conditioning coaching programs are continuously monitored to ensure that there is an improvement in the athlete's strengths, and problems are corrected.

Program Design

The basis of the Strength and Conditioning program design comes from the physical requirements and the demands on the physiological systems for the sport that the athlete competes.

Movement Preparation

Movement preparation prepares your body for action. Before a competition, a practice session or a workout movement preparation increases performance and reduces the risk of injury.

Strength Training

All Athletes benefit from a strength training program. Strength training increases the amount and rate force of production, improves power output and making the athlete more durable.

Power Development

Power development training increases the athlete's ability to exert a maximal amount of force in the shorts amount of time. An increase in athlete's power output translates into improved running speed, jump height, throwing ability and many other movements involved in sports performance.


Conditioning focuses on giving the athlete ability to perform a movement will less effort, at a higher intensity and for longer durations.