Strength and Conditioning Services

We offer a number of strength and conditioning services including strength and conditioning coaching, personal training and program design

Perth Academy of Fitness offers a variety of strength and conditioning services. Strength and Conditioning Coaching, Personal Training and Small Group Training.

Strength and Conditioning Services


Strength and Conditioning Coaching

Improve sports performance while reducing the risk of injury with strength and conditioning coaching. We offer Strength and Conditioning Coach for Athletes, Youth Athletes and Tactical Operators


Personal Training

Prefer the go it alone that personal training is the most efficient way to get results. Work one on one with a personal trainer you get a custom designed program specifically tailored to your goals.


Small Group Training

Small Group training is Personal training for groups of 2– 4. This is a great option if you want the personal attention of one on one training along with being able to train with your friends or loved ones. You get motivation and support from your trainer and friends while at the same time getting a custom designed program.

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